For Immediate Release
MANCHESTER, NH. July 21, 2021 — Noting that Republican Manchester mayoral candidate Richard Girard will officially file his candidacy at 4 o’clock this afternoon at City Hall, his campaign released the endorsements of three former aldermen, one of which was also a school board member.  In a city where Republicans have to get Democrat votes to win, the campaign said the bi-partisan support Girard has received so far bodes well for his chances.

“Manchester is facing very difficult issues. Under Mayor Joyce Craig, there has been very little cross party cooperation.  At times, it seems she goes out of her way to antagonize Republicans or people she just doesn’t like.  Having served with her on the school board, it’s clear that she not only plays party favorites, she plays personal favorites.  There’s nothing bi-partisan or cooperative about her approach to government.

As with earlier endorsements, I’m pleased to announce the support of people from Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  As Chairman of the Special Committee on Negotiations, I demonstrated my ability to work with people from all different political persuasions and personalities, including those I disagreed with and didn’t like.  Keeping the focus on the issues that needed to be solved, we were able to work together, provide real solutions and stay united.  Manchester needs that now more than ever and I am grateful to have such support from across the political spectrum for my campaign.”

The campaign released the endorsements of:

Prior endorsements included: