MANCHESTER, NH JUNE 10, 2021“A successful entrepreneur, Jim has been a tireless and effective advocate for meaningful change in education, a key issue in this campaign.”

“His leadership was also key to defeating the last serious attempt to impose the kind large scale casino gambling that leads to more government spending and corruption and creates unfair competition for small businesses that rely on discretionary dollars.”

“His campaigns for governor and US Senate emphasized low taxes, responsible budgets and innovative reforms that enabled businesses to grow and create jobs.”

“Jim is, and always has been, a man of ideas who is unafraid to discuss the issues and find solutions. I’d like to think we have that in common. I’m pleased and honored to have won his support in this campaign.”

“No news that our state’s largest city needs stronger, better, more visionary leadership to address its education, crime, homelessness and image challenges. More of the same will hurt Manchester and our entire state.”

“I’ve known Rich for maybe 20 years (including sparring with him on his radio program) and know him to be diligent, intelligent, articulate, measured, clear in his own views, and willing and able to weigh and benefit from those with varying perspectives. His Manchester roots, commitment and breadth of policy experience are lifelong.”

“For these reasons, I heartily endorse Rich Girard for Mayor.”

“Please join me in supporting Rich.

Learn more here.”

~ Sen. Jim Rubens