Hagan: We need someone with experience …not another well-intentioned apprentice…

For Immediate Release

MANCHESTER, NH. JULY 15, 2021 – Saying “We need someone with experience…not another well-intentioned apprentice,” former Manchester State Rep. Barbara Hagan (R-Ward 10) endorsed mayoral candidate Richard Girard today. In a statement published on Facebook, Hagan emphasized Girard’s lengthy experience with city government and issues, saying “it’s easy to talk about a problem, but we need solutions!” noting Girard’s detailed proposals on the issues facing the city.

Hagan, who was a long time board member and chairman of New Hampshire Right to Life, also played a critical role in defeating Dartmouth Hitchcock Health’s first attempt to take over Catholic Medical Center. She was also active in the Save CMC movement that prevented its takeover by the Elliot Hospital.

Girard thanked Hagan, saying “Both in the legislature and in the Right to Life movement, Barbara has stood on principle, even when it wasn’t popular. She’s a warrior for her causes and I’m honored to have her support in the fight to save our city from the difficult and deteriorating situation it’s currently in.”

Hagan joins US Senator Bob Smith, state Senator Jim Rubens and US Senate candidate Gen. Don Bolduc in backing Girard’s candidacy.

Below, please find the complete text of Hagan’s endorsement as posted to Facebook on July 15, 2021:

I am proud to support and endorse Rich Girard for Mayor of Manchester, NH. I will be voting for Rich.

First, Rich is a native of Manchester; a life-long resident. I think that is an important quality for consideration. Rich loves Manchester, and like many of us, is very concerned with the lack of leadership from the current mayor. Not only has our current mayor failed to address major problems in the city, things seem to be getting worse day by day. This is very troubling to all of us who live and work in Manchester. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Rich is a problem-solver. He has ideas. Rich thinks out of the box. Rich is not afraid to step up and face issues head on. It’s easy to recognize and talk about a problem, but we need solutions! Rich has already outlined and unveiled several plans to address, homelessness, schools, crime and neighborhoods, and budget issues!

To be an effective leader, you must be a problem solver. This brings me to my next quality for consideration. Rich has demonstrated “experience” and a good work ethic that he learned growing up in Manchester, and while working at Manchester’s City Hall under a former administration. We need someone with “experience”… not another well-intentioned apprentice.

Rich is someone we can depend upon to complete the task. He didn’t just show up one day and throw his hat into the political arena. Rich has been in touch with the pulse of Manchester and its residents for many years, writing columns in the local weekly newspaper, writing op-ed pieces for the daily newspaper, hosting radio programs as well as a very informative TV show on the local cable access station.

Rich stepped up to the plate when our beloved Catholic Medical Center was in jeopardy of being given away. He was in the front lines with the likes of Andre Martel and the SAVE CMC effort. He cares deeply about our rich heritage and the people and places that make Manchester special.

He is constantly communicating with Manchester residents about what matters most to all of us; listening and speaking out. He is also not afraid to face the challenges that sometimes come with being outspoken. That is a rare quality.

Many of Manchester’s small businesses have suffered greatly, especially in this last year. Rich’s background in Business makes him a superior candidate to lead the Queen City and revitalize our community back to its vibrancy.

As a husband and dad, Rich understands that families in Manchester are already struggling to make ends meet. We need to bring solutions to the table that ensure the continuation of the many services we depend upon, while realizing that taxpayers work very hard for their money. Rich supports the tax cap. He will bring a budget forward that we can live with.

Manchester needs leadership, experience and someone who will make us all proud to call Manchester our home again. For all of these reasons, I am proud to support Rich Girard and I hope you will join me in voting for him.