For Immediate Release

MANCHESTER, NH. July 14, 2021 — “Today, I am thrilled to release a comprehensive plan to hold the line on spending and taxes in Manchester.  While Mayor Joyce Craig talks a good game about ‘prudent fiscal management,’ the facts outlined in my proposal demonstrate a very different reality.  Tax increases have exceeded the cap and a whole lot of one-time money has masked some very big spending increases.  It’s all documented in my plan.
“More importantly, because of my deep familiarity with and strong knowledge of the budget process, I have laid out proposals that I will use to justify every dollar spent, reign in spending and hold the line on taxes.  It won’t be easy, but it is simple.
“First, I will not propose or support any budget that exceeds the tax cap.  In addition,  I will

  • Insist that one-time funds be used for one-time purposes, preferably on things that will lower future operating expenses.
  • Demand to see results for money spent before agreeing to continue funding.
  • Oppose union contracts that violate the tax cap.
  • Use competitive bidding.
  • Deploy technology to improve operations.
  • Appoint a tax force of organizational management experts to review city and school operations and suggest changes that will improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.

“The plan also addresses how I would use $43 million federal COVID funds for the city and the $58 million for the schools.

“Reasonable taxes and effective services are as necessary for Manchester to retain and attract Middle Class families as any other issue.  Taxes are directly tied to the cost of living for property owners and renters alike.  Efficient, effective and responsive services are necessary for a good quality of life.
“That said, it’s time to hold the line on spending and taxes.  As mayor, I will!”

Click here to read the plan.